DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING : The Electronics & Communication Engineering branch started offering a B.Tech Four year degree course since inception of the college in 2002 with an initial intake of 60 which was later enhanced to 120.

The Department is located in the North – East of the campus with a plinth area of around 13,000 sqft. The Dept. of ECE has spacious and well equipped laboratories. The department has also got a modern computer lab with latest systems and software with internet facility. The total cost of the equipment spreading over the 3 labs is around 40 lakhs. The Institute has excellent facilities for seminars, workshops, and training programs.

Our vision is to develop the department into a full-fledged centre of learning in various fields of Electronics & Communication Engineering keeping in view the latest developments. Electronics & Communication Engineering Department endeavors to achieve excellence in imparting architectural education and training for changing socio-cultural aspirations, environmental compulsions, material and technological innovations, IT revolution and globalization of economies.

The aim of the course is to turn out full-fledged Engineers in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering with an overall back-ground suitable for making a successful career either in industry/research or higher education in India and abroad.

Electronics and Communication Engineering department strives to set new bench marks in imparting world class education to its students by ensuring inputs for professional excellence, interactive learning environment and industry orientation through its trained, qualified faculty, staff and huge infrastructure

1. To start PG programmes with specialization in
o Microwave & Radar Engineering.
o Digital Systems
2. To conduct short term courses in various fields of Electronics and Communication Engineering to cater to the needs of young staff members in various colleges in the Private sector.
3. To improve the consultancy and research activities.

• To impart good technical knowledge to the students.
• To fulfill the needs of the society in the various fields related to Electronics & Communication engineering.
• To organize training programs / workshops for upgrading staff performance.
• To establish Industry-Institute Interaction.
• To publish technical papers in National/ International journals. New initiatives are being taken to improve academic performance of students. Efforts are being put to increase the percentage of first classes and distinctions and hence placements.

Immediately after admission to the college, each student is assigned to a staff member, the Staff Advisor, who would then open a file for personal details of the students, and guide the student during his/her course in the college. The Staff Advisor is expected to give advice and guidance to the students in all curricular and extra curricular matters. The students have the freedom to express their grievances and the Staff Advisor initiates steps to solve them to the extent possible. There is a Senior Staff advisor to whom all the Staff Advisors report. The purpose of Staff Advisory System is to have personalized attention to all the students.

Other benefits from the Staff Advisory systems are :
a) It promotes Teacher-student interaction.
b) It helps to monitor academic progress.
c) It ensures student participation in Campus Programs.
d) It helps to know their talents/problems.
e) It lends a helping hand at the time of difficult situations.